Teaching Information Literacy Now by Laura Gardner

Alicia Morales


Gardner, L. (2016). Teaching Information Literacy Now. School Library Journal. Retrieved on November 29, 2016 from http://www.slj.com/2016/11/industry-news/teaching-media-literacy-now/#_

Summary:  This article discusses a study from Stanford University whose results indicate that students are not properly prepared to differentiate between fact or fiction while using online resources. This election cycle has taught everyone the value of pointing out “fake news”. The author also reflects on her own teaching strategies/lessons and realizes that in a world that is saturated in online news, her methods of teaching students to approach news sources is outdated.

Evaluation:  This article is very timely not just to what everyone is discussion (election news) but also is timely with regards to the relevance of librarians. What I enjoyed about this article was not just the discussion on the terrible consequences “fake news”, but I appreciated the strategies that were shared – this article has helped me evaluate my approach to teaching the review of resources. I have found a useful lesson plan in this article.

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