The SAMR Model as a Framework for Evaluating mLearning.

Frey, Jennifer


Romrell, D., Kidder, L. C., & Wood, E. (2014). The SAMR Model as a Framework for Evaluating              mLearning. Journal Of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 18(2), 79-93.


This article uses the SAMR model as a framework for learning via a mobile device. It states that substitution is made without functional change, Augmentation is made with functional improvements, Modification occurs since learning activities are redesigned and redefinition occurs since it allows for the creation of tasks that could not have been done without this technology. The SAMR model can be used to assist with decisions regarding how to use mobile devices in education.


I initially read this article because I had never heard of mLearning and wanted to know what it was. This article not only defined it but gave a great example of how one of the learning models is used to help educators. I liked this article since it went into depth about the use of mobile devices and how the SAMR model relates.

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