The Flip: End of a Love Affair

Wright, S. (2012, October 8). The flip: End of a love affair. [Weblog post]. Powerful Learning Practice. Retrieved from

Summary: This Weblog post discusses a teacher’s experience using the Flipped Classroom and its effect on instruction and education. Wright references a previous post where she describes implementing the flipped classroom and how she enjoyed this method of instruction. The author still holds by everything in her previous post but reflects that the flipped classroom did not provide the “transformative learning experience” she wanted for her students. With a shift from a teacher-centered to a student-centered classroom, Wright’s students took more and more control over their learning. Over time, her role changed and her classroom became one of inquiry and problem based learning.

Evaluation: Wright’s experiences in the flipped classroom are comprehensive and enlightening. It would be beneficial if she expressed how she guided the class (if at all) towards its new manifestation or provided some guidelines on how to shift a class from flipped class to a problem based learning class. Wright could better explain how students took ownership of their own learning. Further, did this effect occur with only one cohort or subsequent classes? This post led me to wonder if Wright’s experiences are common or not or if the flipped classroom is just a step towards something else entirely, rather than an ending point for instruction. 

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