IL-Use of Aurasma (Augmented Reality Tool) in Library Orientation

Hong, Julie
It’s always great to hear about emerging technologies being used in the classroom and the library and this was especially inspiring. Mulch was motivated to create a more engaging and effective library orientation and she succeeded by using Aurasma. As explained in the article, Aurasma “uses technology to allow the camera on a smartphone or tablet to recognize real-world images…and respond by displaying overlay videos, pictures, or websites on top of the camera image that appears on the device’s screen” (p. 51). Although I don’t think I’d be able to get the support or funding needed to use this tool, it made me consider the possibility of using QR codes and I was able to find information on other libraries that have already done so. I am going to put something together to use with our freshmen in the fall. Very excited!
Mulch, B. E. (2014). Library Orientation Transformation. Knowledge Quest, 42(4), 50-53.

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