Reinvention of Libraries

Shibrie Wilson

ET-New Trends
ET- Restructuring
Z- Discussions

 Manguel, A. (2015, October 24). Reinventing the Library. Retrieved May 21, 2016, from
Summary: Libraries and information in which they hold are defined in different perspectives. One thing in which most people can agree on is that libraries have been the hub for accessing information. Over the course of history libraries have been able to adapt to changing conditions whether war or other idiosyncrasies in history. During era of Alexandria libraries were viewed as powerful and central place for symbol of society. Libraries have become a social center for many patrons, according to this article, and librarians have done an excellent job befitting such change. Librarians are able to stay relevant in these times by diversifying mandate. Providing services in which traditionally were not provided, in which is excellent because it exhibits how librarians are more than just guiding one to a particular book. Being an advocate for libraries and assuring that they are not cut because they are important for symbols in our society.

Reflection: Enjoyed reading this article though I do not agree with all statements made. Some points are imperative regarding history of library and its essence. As librarians we must continue to provide services for all patrons even when that includes adopting new job descriptions. Ultimately the goal is to provide service, learning commons, and increase literacy. Literacy is an interdisciplinary word not confined to print materials only.  

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