Collaboration: Co-Teaching

Shibrie Wilson

ET- New Trends
CO- School Organization
CO- Collaboration
IL- 21st Century Skills

 Jones, T. N. (2016, March 14). A Prime Co-Teaching Opportunity. Retrieved May 20, 2016, from
There is more to collaboration that meeting with a teacher and utilizing resources from meeting to provide to students. Collaboration in fact is a way that many librarians are able to maintain relevancy in California schools. California school are constantly cutting funds to library staff and those who are fortunate jobs are changed to different title. Tara N. Jones discusses her new role in which is no longer a teacher librarian, but being adopted as a “Research Technology Specialist.” This provide a large perspective of interaction and libraries contribution to 21st century library. In order to successfully co-teach one must build a relationship with teachers and observing their classrooms to get a personal experience. Becoming familiar with curriculum from all subject aspects. Utilizing technology resources provided in school district is also an important way to collaborate especially for research purposes. Jones, discusses 7 different ways in which student collaboration is effective for students and both teacher and teacher-librarian. All seven concepts are vital for creating a strong and cooperative community. Another positive aspect about co-teaching is that students are able to dedicate more time to assignment because they do not have to wait for teachers for attention. Effective collaboration, also consist of assisting students with journey and assuring they are successful throughout process and providing efficient feedback. 
Wonderful blog, considering that most of info 250 focuses on collaboration and being effective. This was a useful blog and learning seven concepts as to why co-teaching approach is essential for both parties. Co-teaching allows both educators to contribute their expertise. There are many ways in which librarians can help with research aside from being confined to building itself, but actually being hands on with students research and knowledgeable of various subject curriculum.  

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