Collaboration and Coteaching

Posted by Karen Kotchka


Loertscher, D. (2014). Collaboration and Coteaching. Teacher Librarian, 42 (2), 8-19.
In this article the author reviews some of the reasons why the library and librarians have been pushed aside as not being central to a school’s needs and then relates the results of a research study designed to see how much added value to student success would be yielded by a true collaboration and coteaching between a classroom teacher and a teacher librarian.  Results of the study showed a much greater impact on student success for the cotaught lessons.  The author includes some tips and ideas for a teacher librarian to get started on the practice of coteaching with other classroom teachers
I thought the article was valuable to stimulate thinking and action towards making the library a more central part of the school academic culture and it also clarified some of the meanings and interpretations of what types of teachig are now going on in the library and how technology and virtual learning can extend the reach and impact of the library.

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