Learning to teach through video

Jones, Erik


Leeder, K. (2009, Oct. 14). Learning to teach through video. Retrieved from: http://www.inthelibrarywiththeleadpipe.org/2009/learning-to-teach-through-video/


Knowing how to use more modern methods of teaching is essential for the growing digital world that we find ourselves a part of. This article does a good job at discussing how teaching though various media platforms allows for a wider diversity of lessons in addition to a larger online audience through video based websites like YouTube. The author goes into the pedagogical theories of instruction and learning which is necessary to understand the framework that a tool such as video can be useful and beneficial to both instructors and learners. The principles for multimedia learning are great takeaways for readers as they serve to set the boundaries and limitations that should be adhered to when lesson planners use this form of instruction to teach students.


Not having much experience with web tools and teaching, I really found this article to be incredibly informative and useful. I had an assignment for another course in which I used a screencast to teach viewers how to use the Disc Cleanup and Defragment tool that comes pre-installed on their computers. It was an eye-opening experience for me that opened up a lot of different avenues for getting lessons, ideas or messages to more people using more modern tech tools. I also enjoy this blog and follow a lot of the articles they post as it is frequented by fellow librarians and assistant librarians.

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