California Public School Library Standards

      While exploring possible subjects for our blog reading, I stumbled upon qualitative gold!  The report, “Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve” , located on the California Department of Education website reveals an inside look in the health and condition of California school libraries, but even more interesting; a review of California’s adopted school library standards. This adoption is dated back to two thousand and ten, but is still relevant and still needs a great deal of implementation. It is my hope for California, that grants are on the way to establish these standards in public schools across California. Four standards are outlined in the report, each standard classified by grade level. Standard 1 reviews how students access information. Including how to locate and use the library and the tools and resources available within the library. Standard 2, Students evaluate information. Standard 3, students use information. The student will organize, synthesize, create, and communicate information. Standard 4. Students integrate information literacy skills into all areas of learning (CDE, 2010). After reviewing the standards, it’s encouraging to know that the CDE values library services and is educated on current library practices and expectations. The report also stresses that schools that offer quality library programs demonstrate a direct correlation with improved academic scores. This report is a fantastic resource for librarians and MLIS students.
Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve.
Adopted by the California State Board of Education September 2010

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