The Relationship Between Constructivism, Discovery and Experiential Learning

Marlonsson, Snow

Splan, R. K., Porr, C. S., & Broyles, T. W. (2011). Undergraduate Research in Agriculture: Constructivism and the Scholarship of Discovery. Journal Of Agricultural Education52(4), 56-64.
Splan, Porr & Broyles (2011) describe experiential learning and constructivism as aligned. Their relationship is that constructivism is concerned with the underlying epidemiological aspect of knowing/ discovering. Experiential learning is the process by which minds engage in constructionism. Further, discovery is the link between these two ideas; experiences spark discoveries that provide the information for knowledge construction. The authors convey the importance of authentic, student led learning that is active and led by social facilitation. This article investigates the role of experiential learning prevalent in University-level agriculture programs to the mind’s ability to construct knowledge through discovery. Specifically, the article explores ways to use constructionism in undergraduate research.


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