Jolene Nechiporenko


Gewertz, C. (2013).  A common core for everyone. Education Week. 33(10), S4-S6.

The Common Core Challenge for Special Educators

Catherine Gewertz discuses the common core and how it will be an additional challenge for already challenged students, especially when it comes to standardized testing.  She discusses the well intended principle of universal testing and the overall stress put on educators.

“…accommodations might not be enough for some students who are used to assistive technologies that might not dovetail well with the consortium tests.  Advocates for special-needs students worry that those children’s test performances could be compromised if they’re not allowed to use the support they’re accustomed to.”

“Rhetoric around teaching the common core often points to the standards’ promise for those students most in need of deeper, more rigorous study.  But for some educators, conversations about how to fulfill that promise have stalled at a frustrating abstract level.”

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