The Inquiry Process

Chambers, Julia
S00077474. (2011, August). The inquiry process diagram. [Web log post]. Retrieved from
Here is a great infographic on the Inquiry Process created by educators in Australia:
This website, which was created by a group of educators in Australia for a specific university, also includes a thorough description of inquiry learning skills as they relate to information processing skills, critical and creative thinking skills, communicating skills, and reflective and metacognitive skills.

Evaluation: I like this graphic (as well as the other tabs on this site) because it reveals how deeply the inquiry process should be at every stage of the information gathering, evaluating, and reporting process. I tend to focus inquiry on the initial stages of research, but this visual helps reveal how inquiry is an ongoing, inter-related process.
ET- Inquiry and Problem-based Learning
IL- Critical Thinking
IL- Analysis and Sythesis

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