CCSS and Text Complexity

Jennifer Brickey
Hiebert, E. (2012). The common core state standards and text complexity. Teacher Librarian, 39(5), 13-19. Retreived from

In this article, Hiebert describes the role librarians should play in deciding text complexity. She explains Advantage—TASA Open Standard (ATOS) grade level and Lexile designations. The article elaborates on how the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are “the first standards document to identify a separate standard for text complexity,” (p.13) which will lead to an increased focus on text appropriateness and readability. Hiebert urges librarians not to rely on ATOS and Lexile designations alone since these measurements can be inconsistent especially when considering a text’s genre. Instead, she advocates that librarians look at language, vocabulary, sentence variation, and structure when choosing texts. By working with teachers and reading specialist, librarians will be another asset in meeting the CCSS ultimate goal: “to grow students’ capacity in learning from text” (p. 18).

CA–Curriculum Assessment

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